Some Summer Fun

Adam and I in Boston on the 4th of July~had dinner with friends at Whiskey’s
and then headed to Storrow Drive to get our spot for the fireworks.

Two of our closest friends, Sandy and John, were up visiting from North Carolina.
Had dinner at Salem Beer Works. Miss them tremendously! Wish they lived closer!

John and Sandy

Me with the best husband ever..LOVE HIM!

Running with God

I have always loved running. I know..weird. I don’t know what it is that draws me to it, but I always feel like I have REALLY accomplished something after working out. What I love the most about it is that it is something I do by myself. I have tried running/working out with others before and I absolutely hate it. I either get distracted or feel like I have to go at someone else’s pace other than my own. It is kind of my time all to myself.

These days it has been a valuable time for to spend time with God. Lately I have been so focused on what figuring out what God’s plan is for me..and it is in these moments outside that I have been able to voice these thoughts to Him. It has been awesome.

Some of my favorite songs on my iPod:
I Saw What I Saw~Sara Groves
Add to the Beauty~Sara Groves
When the Saints~Sara Groves
Walk By Faith~Jeremy Camp
Praise You In This Storm~Casting Crowns

Sara Groves has become one of my most favorite artists. She has such a heart for social justice and her song lyrics attest to that. I will definitly be writing later about her songs.

Off to bed for now..xoxo

Being still when I like to move

This is always a hard time of year for me. Planning is in full swing of my trip to Moldova in October. I LOVE leading this trip~I love the country, I love the staff we work with, and above all I love the kids and families I have gotten to know over the past 4 years. I feel like Moldova has become my second home. And I LOVE that I get to serve with Adam who is just as passionate about this as me.
So what’s so hard about it? The hard part is being still. I always feel like God is begging me to slow down and listen. This planning process before the trip is vital in spiritual growth. The first year I went to Moldova, the team leader read the story about Mary and Martha hosting dinner for Jesus. Mary was so attentive to what Jesus had to say that she did not run around trying to get things prepared. She was found right at His feet, listening. However, Martha was not. She was busy in the kitchen making sure that everything was perfect for their special Guest. (Now, don’t get me wrong..I think Martha tends to get a bad rap for this..but that discussion is for another time.) She was so busy, she missed out on time with Jesus.
Whoa! I always get slapped in the face with this when I am running around with all my planning. God is looking to teach me something.. am I inadvertently ignoring Him?

Hold’s about to get bumpy!

Today was another HOT day in New England, but absolutely gorgeous, so Adam and I decided to take our jetski out and head to the beach. Well, for those of you close to me, you know I hate deep water..I mean, HATE! But Adam was so excited about doing it, I could not say no. We are very blessed to be able to dock the ski right on the river in a storage unit 2 minutes from our house. So all we have to do is drop it in the water and off we go.
Going along the river is fun…it is beautiful and the water is very calm. Until you hit the mouth where the river and ocean meet. Not so fun. In fact, I thought I was going to die. (slightly exaggerated, but still was not fun)
Whenever Adam sensed that it was going to be extra choppy..he would turn around and say “Hold on, it’s about to get bumpy.” Thankfully, Adam knows what he’s doing and got us to the beach safely…and we had an amazingly fun day.
Doesn’t life seem like that ocean sometimes? Bumpy, choppy, unpredictable?
During those times, the Lord is right in front of us, turning around and encouraging us “Just hold on” .
Sometimes that’s all we CAN do because some circumstances are out of our control. Sometimes that’s all the energy we have for the day~to just hold on to God.
Thankfully, the bumpiness ends and God delivers the destination He has chosen for us.

Are you living your life like a prison sentence?

Most of you know that for the past 2 months or so I have been working at a local prison. If anything it has been a learning experience. Everyday, I see almost the same inmates and there a few that I have started to know better than the others. I always ask them”How are you?” or on Mondays “How was your weekend?” I usually get the same response “Just another day in jail.” Depressing. I observe many of them just sitting at the table, staring off waiting for time to pass. They are wishing time away, and I guess rightfully so. Many of them are in jail for years at a time and every day that passes is one day closer to going home.
When I got moved to work in the jail, my life became similar to these inmates~I started wishing that the weeks and days would go by and that I would find myself at a different job.Depression had overtaken me and it has almost felt like time had stood still. But in the mean time, how had I been living life? Not well. I missed out on moments with friends, conversations with my husband,etc.
I have just now come to the point in this journey that I need to make the most of TODAY. I have been blessed with a new day to live and enjoy the life God has given me. And I, for sure, have not been living each day joyfully.
God has been challenging me with this verse” So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” I corinthians 10:31. Trust me, I feel like I argue with God everyday about this, but He continues to challenge me.
Here’s to living the good and bad.

Love for missions

As I was getting ready for work this morning I was trying to think back to when my love for missions started. I would have to say it was around when I was 7 or 8 years old. My church that I grew up in supported missionaries from all over the world and I was always fascinated by hearing them speak during our services. They were like celebrities to mom or dad would always walk me over to them to say hello because I was too shy to talk to them by myself. I kind of relate it to if I were to meet Tom Brady or Bon Jovi in real life..I would not know what to say.
I loved writing to them..2 in particular that I remember. I loved hearing updates from former communist Berlin, Germany and from Senegal,Africa. I kept those letters for many years. I was recently at a women’s conference at my old church and the feautured speaker was my old missionary pen pal from Germany. I hadn’t seen her in over 20 years and I felt so blessed to be able to reconnect with her. Her life has been devoted to the people of Germany..I am encouraged and humbled by her sacrifice.
Thankful to Ms. Christine Sears for influencing my life at such a young age and impacting the life that I am now living.
Who are you allowing to impact your life?

Because my life is so interesting…

….i’m starting a blog (*sarcasm*) honestly, i have no idea why i even want a blog~i have a facebook page that i’m addicted to keeping up with. but adam and i have family and friends across the country that aren’t on facebook….so i thought this would be an easy way to keep up with them and vice versa….

let’s see how long it takes for me to get bored with this…=)

love to all of you…xoxo