Are you living your life like a prison sentence?

Most of you know that for the past 2 months or so I have been working at a local prison. If anything it has been a learning experience. Everyday, I see almost the same inmates and there a few that I have started to know better than the others. I always ask them”How are you?” or on Mondays “How was your weekend?” I usually get the same response “Just another day in jail.” Depressing. I observe many of them just sitting at the table, staring off waiting for time to pass. They are wishing time away, and I guess rightfully so. Many of them are in jail for years at a time and every day that passes is one day closer to going home.
When I got moved to work in the jail, my life became similar to these inmates~I started wishing that the weeks and days would go by and that I would find myself at a different job.Depression had overtaken me and it has almost felt like time had stood still. But in the mean time, how had I been living life? Not well. I missed out on moments with friends, conversations with my husband,etc.
I have just now come to the point in this journey that I need to make the most of TODAY. I have been blessed with a new day to live and enjoy the life God has given me. And I, for sure, have not been living each day joyfully.
God has been challenging me with this verse” So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” I corinthians 10:31. Trust me, I feel like I argue with God everyday about this, but He continues to challenge me.
Here’s to living the good and bad.

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