Hold on..it’s about to get bumpy!

Today was another HOT day in New England, but absolutely gorgeous, so Adam and I decided to take our jetski out and head to the beach. Well, for those of you close to me, you know I hate deep water..I mean, HATE! But Adam was so excited about doing it, I could not say no. We are very blessed to be able to dock the ski right on the river in a storage unit 2 minutes from our house. So all we have to do is drop it in the water and off we go.
Going along the river is fun…it is beautiful and the water is very calm. Until you hit the mouth where the river and ocean meet. Not so fun. In fact, I thought I was going to die. (slightly exaggerated, but still was not fun)
Whenever Adam sensed that it was going to be extra choppy..he would turn around and say “Hold on, it’s about to get bumpy.” Thankfully, Adam knows what he’s doing and got us to the beach safely…and we had an amazingly fun day.
Doesn’t life seem like that ocean sometimes? Bumpy, choppy, unpredictable?
During those times, the Lord is right in front of us, turning around and encouraging us “Just hold on” .
Sometimes that’s all we CAN do because some circumstances are out of our control. Sometimes that’s all the energy we have for the day~to just hold on to God.
Thankfully, the bumpiness ends and God delivers us..safely..to the destination He has chosen for us.

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