Being still when I like to move

This is always a hard time of year for me. Planning is in full swing of my trip to Moldova in October. I LOVE leading this trip~I love the country, I love the staff we work with, and above all I love the kids and families I have gotten to know over the past 4 years. I feel like Moldova has become my second home. And I LOVE that I get to serve with Adam who is just as passionate about this as me.
So what’s so hard about it? The hard part is being still. I always feel like God is begging me to slow down and listen. This planning process before the trip is vital in spiritual growth. The first year I went to Moldova, the team leader read the story about Mary and Martha hosting dinner for Jesus. Mary was so attentive to what Jesus had to say that she did not run around trying to get things prepared. She was found right at His feet, listening. However, Martha was not. She was busy in the kitchen making sure that everything was perfect for their special Guest. (Now, don’t get me wrong..I think Martha tends to get a bad rap for this..but that discussion is for another time.) She was so busy, she missed out on time with Jesus.
Whoa! I always get slapped in the face with this when I am running around with all my planning. God is looking to teach me something.. am I inadvertently ignoring Him?

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