Suhat village

Our team was able to visit Suhat~our third time to this particular village. It is wonderful to see how they remember us from years past. It is one of the poorest village~by poor I mean many of these people live day to day, not sure if they will have food to give their families.
There is one particular woman who we have been able to know beter as the years pass. Her name is Ana, a young mom of three beautiful children. Her husband is in the picture sporadically, and alcoholic and abusive. Our team talked this morning about “feeling the pain of the poor” based on some Scripture verses. As I looked into her eyes I just see a woman who loves her children and wants to give them the best life she can. It is humbling and heartbreaking to step into her small small home and see that she only has one small twin sized bed that all the kids sleep in. Our team was able to deliver food and some blankets that will be able to take some of the pressure off of her for at least a short time.
Ryan was able to sing “My Jesus I Love Thee” and were all able to pray with her at the end.
Going to this village is always the highlight of my trip. To see that these people literally have nothing but feed us a meal that they normally only get once a year gives us a new perspective on the life we have back home.
We also served a meal at a soup kitchen in a small village. There about 20 or so people, elderly and small children. For most, this was the only meal that they would receive that day.
I feel that words don’t even do this experience justice. It is hard to write down what we are actually feeling. I have felt almost at a loss for words.
Please keep praying for us..we so appreciate it. Please pray that we continue to see these people as Jesus would see them and that we would continue to be humbled and broken.
Love to you!

Having a blast!

Friends and Family,
We made it safely in Moldova Friday evening and just completed our first distribution at Tocuz. Tocuz is the orphanage that our church directly sponsors. We spent the evening there and just had a wonderful time. We were able to get to know the children and staff in an even more deeper way and I feel that each year that we are there the relationship continues to get stronger and stronger. The director says that she considers us like family and “has complete trust in us.” The girls decorated picture frames and were able to get pictures printed out by a photo printer that Kim and Joe, 2 team members, donated. The girls were ecstatic! The boys were able to learn “American football” and played many games of basketball with our guys.
Our team was very encouraged by how the kids are growing in their Bible knowledge. They have a wonderful teacher who is dedicated to these kids and is dedicated to their spiritual growth.
When we said goodbye there were many tears shed, not just by the kids but by the director herself.
Our team continues to be humbled by what we see. The director told us that they are in financial crisis and that before we arrived, they did not have any laundry detergent or soap for the children. But she knew our team was coming and that they would be supplied with the necessities.
Tomorrow we go to the village of Suhat, one of the poorest villages.
Love to each of you!

Our team schedule

OCTOBER 22-Leave Boston at 10PM
OCTOBER 23: Arrival in Chisinau,Moldova.
OCTOBER 24-25-Distribution at Tocuz;sleep over at Tocuz;Pizza party
OCTOBER 26: Distribution at Suhat;Serve at LSM Soup Kitchen ;Visit LSM After School Program
OCTOBER 27: Distribution at Socii Noi;Visit LSM After School Program
OCTOBER 28: Distribution at Zuzuleni;Kim will spend entire day at LSM Clinic in Sofia;Serve at LSM Soup Kitchen
OCTOBER 29: Distribution at Poiana;Serve at LSM Soup Kitchen;Visit LSM After school Program
OCTOBER 30: leave Moldova and spend overnight in Budapest,Hungary

Prayer requests:
Safety for our team as we travel
Prayer for our drivers-we spend many hours in a van travelling
Good health and strength for each day
That the love of Jesus will be evident through us as we minister to the children and adults of Moldova.

Back to Moldova!

For those of you who have never heard of Moldova,Moldova is the poorest country in Eastern Europe, located between the Ukraine and Romania. It was a former part of the Soviet Union, just becoming free in the 1990’s.
It’s hard to believe that in just 24 hours or so Adam and I will be headed back to Moldova. This will be my 4th time going! I love the timing of this trip because it is right before the American holiday season kicks off into full gear. These trips have put my life into a perspective that I may not have gained otherwise. We will be with moms and dads who don’t know where their next meal is coming from to feed their family. We will be with children who are beyond ecstatic to receive toothpaste. (and when I say ecstatic, I am talking about the equivalent to a child here getting Xbox under the Christmas tree) It is mind boggling and humbling at the same time. I look around my apartment and in my refrigerator and in my cabinets and am amazed at how blessed and easy my life is compared to some of my friends across the world.
The words “intentional” and “deliberate” are two words that I have been focusing on for my personal life,my family life, and my marriage. And when I think of Moldova and what this year’s trip means to me it is the same two words that come to mind. In preparing our team these last few months, we have been discussing our goals. Yes, we will be distributing out food,clothing, and basic necessities. Items that the adults and children are lacking. Our goal is to be INTENTIONAL and DELIBERATE with the message that these items are a testament to the grace of God..that he sees them and loves them. And that we are hear to tell them of a Gift that will change their lives forever…truly the Gospel message of the Cross and what Jesus has done for each of us is the only thing that can change a person’s life.
We covet your prayers as we travel tomorrow! We will be gone 10/22-10/31. I will be doing my best to update the blog as time allows.
Thank you for your prayers!!