Having a blast!

Friends and Family,
We made it safely in Moldova Friday evening and just completed our first distribution at Tocuz. Tocuz is the orphanage that our church directly sponsors. We spent the evening there and just had a wonderful time. We were able to get to know the children and staff in an even more deeper way and I feel that each year that we are there the relationship continues to get stronger and stronger. The director says that she considers us like family and “has complete trust in us.” The girls decorated picture frames and were able to get pictures printed out by a photo printer that Kim and Joe, 2 team members, donated. The girls were ecstatic! The boys were able to learn “American football” and played many games of basketball with our guys.
Our team was very encouraged by how the kids are growing in their Bible knowledge. They have a wonderful teacher who is dedicated to these kids and is dedicated to their spiritual growth.
When we said goodbye there were many tears shed, not just by the kids but by the director herself.
Our team continues to be humbled by what we see. The director told us that they are in financial crisis and that before we arrived, they did not have any laundry detergent or soap for the children. But she knew our team was coming and that they would be supplied with the necessities.
Tomorrow we go to the village of Suhat, one of the poorest villages.
Love to each of you!

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