Suhat village

Our team was able to visit Suhat~our third time to this particular village. It is wonderful to see how they remember us from years past. It is one of the poorest village~by poor I mean many of these people live day to day, not sure if they will have food to give their families.
There is one particular woman who we have been able to know beter as the years pass. Her name is Ana, a young mom of three beautiful children. Her husband is in the picture sporadically, and alcoholic and abusive. Our team talked this morning about “feeling the pain of the poor” based on some Scripture verses. As I looked into her eyes I just see a woman who loves her children and wants to give them the best life she can. It is humbling and heartbreaking to step into her small small home and see that she only has one small twin sized bed that all the kids sleep in. Our team was able to deliver food and some blankets that will be able to take some of the pressure off of her for at least a short time.
Ryan was able to sing “My Jesus I Love Thee” and were all able to pray with her at the end.
Going to this village is always the highlight of my trip. To see that these people literally have nothing but feed us a meal that they normally only get once a year gives us a new perspective on the life we have back home.
We also served a meal at a soup kitchen in a small village. There about 20 or so people, elderly and small children. For most, this was the only meal that they would receive that day.
I feel that words don’t even do this experience justice. It is hard to write down what we are actually feeling. I have felt almost at a loss for words.
Please keep praying for us..we so appreciate it. Please pray that we continue to see these people as Jesus would see them and that we would continue to be humbled and broken.
Love to you!

One thought on “Suhat village

  1. I was praying for you guys about 3am our time I figured it was about 9am/10am your time (I was up with Madalynn). We are very blessed in this nation of ours.


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