Do I know what it is to sacrifice?

No…I sure don’t. This is one of the many lessons I was taught while in Moldova this year. Sacrificing and giving are two totally different words with two totally different meanings. According to Webster’s dictionary the definition of “sacrifice” is a “destruction or surrender of something for the sake of something else.” I saw this definition lived out in two Moldovian women who worked with our team. They shared with me over dinner their love for the children in the villages/orphanages and how sometimes they give up their grocery money for the week in order to provide special meals for orphans. I was brought to tears when they told me this..they are living the life of sacrifice.
After this conversation I started reflecting on my own life…what have I sacrificed? I came to the conclusion that I haven’t really sacrificed anything..yes, I have given my time, money, resources to various friends/organizations..but it has always been within my comfort zone or within my budget…
But God wants us to sacrifice..and I know for sure that He will provide opportunities for each of us to do that. I had been reminded continuously while in Moldova of the widow who gave all the money she had to God…an amount that would be pennies to us today. She gave it sacrificially because she loved the Lord and knew His promises.
God is calling us to be weak..quite the contrast from the messages in the secular media. Christ promises in 2 Corinthians 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

One thought on “Do I know what it is to sacrifice?

  1. Wow, Colleen. It is amazing to read about your trip. I was brought to tears upon reading about the mom with three young children who lives day to day. I was also struck by “sacrafice verses giving”. A lot to think on and pray about. Thank you for sharing about your trip. My daughter, Hannah, and I are very interested to hear about your trip. She says that she wants to go next year! We'll have to look for you on Sunday:)


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