Transitioning back to home…

…It is so hard~this time being harder than years past. I am not sure why, I but know that the Lord has opened my eyes to things that I hadn’t noticed before and caused me to feel things that I needed to feel. And I welcome this growth..I NEED this growth. This is my 4th time to Moldova and before leaving I had prayed that God would not allow me to view this as a routine trip for me, but a time where He makes me uncomfortable and stretches me.

The past two years I have been making a more conscious effort to get to know a couple of the children and/or adults on an individual basis. It is always amazing who God brings across our path. I met Adriana for the first time this year. She is a twelve year old girl who has been living in the orphanage in Tocuz since she was in the first grade. It was heartbreaking to hear of some of the more personal things she revealed as we continued our conversation. But I am thankful that God brought her to me. Adriana loves God..she told me she wants me to pray that God would help her to pray more. I love the honesty of children! We prayed together right before I left the orphanage..and my prayer for her is that she know Jesus..not to just know OF him, but to KNOW Him.

It has been very sad for Adam and I to leave Moldova this year…we just love the children and families. But with every return home, I feel that God continues to show us what He needs us to do to in the mean prepare, to grow, and learn more about Him.

We come home to a place where we know we are surrounded by people who are hurting and both of us have been challenged to be prayerful for the needs of those around us…not only to be prayerful, but to take action. We have been blessed with so much..more than what we deserve!!

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