The Girls of Moldova

It’s very easy to be drawn to the younger kids when visiting the various orphanages and villages. They are just beautiful and when you look into their eyes you can still see the innocence that any child should have. They love toys, they love candy, they love attention.

But as I scan the crowd of children that are waiting for our team at each place we visit, I can’t help but stare at the older girls, who are usually in the very back row. I am desperately burdened for them because their future is grim. You see, Moldova is one of the top countries who sell young girls into the human trafficking ring.

For those girls who live in the orphanages, the government stops funding for them at age 16. This means that they will then be released either back to their village and back to their families (if they have any) or they will end up on the streets. Even if they do have families, I have come to find out that many of them don’t want the children back, because they cannot afford to take care of them. Heartbreaking.Frustrating.

These girls have dreams~some of the girls I talked to dream of being a cook, a tailor, a teacher. They are ordinary girls with ordinary dreams. So they will do anything to pursue these dreams~try to find a job anywhere..they look “abroad” to another country so they can save up money to go back to school. However, this is when Evil preys upon these young girls naivete. They become tricked into thinking that these adults ~men AND women~ are there to help them “find their dreams”. And before they know it, they are locked into a living hell and are held prisoner. Innocence is soon taken away. They are threatened that if they do not comply their families will be killed and they will then be killed.
I know that I cannot save all these girls..there are millions that are thrown into this disturbing lifestyle. But God calls me to pray. And how can I pray?
1. For their souls. ONLY Jesus can give their lives hope. I am comforted by Revelation 21:4, which promises that there will soon be no more pain and suffering.
2. For more transitional houses to be built. These homes give young girls the chance to learn a trade, receive education, and be spiritually changed.
Click here and learn how one ministry is changing lives, one girl at a time, and is offering the hope of Jesus.
May God continue to keep me humble and burdened.


One thought on “The Girls of Moldova

  1. What a beautiful, and overwhelming post. My heart aches for these girls too, and yet I freeze in taking action as it is so overwhelming.

    God is refining your heart dear friend. He's going to reveal to you & Adam what His plan is & what He's calling you to, and I'm so excited to see what unfolds!!


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