How many pairs of shoes do you have?

I am always humbled when I visit an orphanage and village and stare down at the kids’ feet. I then look down at my own feet~it’s a dark contrast. I feel like every time God slaps me in the face..back to THEIR reality.
Many of the kids were wearing sandals with dirty socks that had holes in them. This is what they would wear through the winter. Not warm boots like what I was wearing. Thankfully Little Samaritan’s Face of a Child project included new sneakers for every child! The joy on their faces is almost indescribable.
We were at the the orphanage in a small village, Socii Noi. You couldn’t help but notice one of the kids standing in the back row. It is very rare to see tall people in Moldova..but we did this day. This young boy was at least 6’4″..GIANT! And just so happy! He was more happy than most of the kids…and it dawned on me why. Today was the day he was going to receive shoes that fit him. As I glanced down, I saw the same sandals with the same dirty socks..only this time I noticed his heel hanging way off the end of the sandal. His feet were too big for him to be able to find shoes that fit at the orphanage. Can you imagine going through life with shoes that don’t fit? It is something I can’t even fathom.

But today he received brand new sneakers..and the smile on his face showed that it was worth the wait.
Here he came out a little blurry..but you can still see the joy.


One thought on “How many pairs of shoes do you have?

  1. That is awesome! Our Praise Kids' ministry just started a ministry called “Beautiful Feet” to send shoes to orphans. I loved the picture you posted with the new pair of tennis shoes and the huge smile. 🙂 I love all the pictures! Thanks for sharing!


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