First day down!

Our team arrived in Moldova without a hitch on Friday afternoon. We were met by our friends: Kate, Valentina, Ala, and George. They took us out for lunch at a traditional Moldavian restaurant and we had a great time catching up over the last year. Altho, we have found that Facebook has made the world a much smaller place..we have all been able to keep in touch on a regular basis.
Ironically we ended up having dinner at McDonalds, which was hilarious because Ala said we must feel right at home here…haha:)
This morning we were able to arrange a visit at a baby orphanage, where babies,toddlers, and children up to 7 years old are taken care of. There are 150 children in this particular place; 40 of the children are physically handicapped, some bound to wheelchairs. A small number of the kids are waiting to be adopted or placed into foster care. Pray, pray, pray for willing and capable families to take these precious children in.
We weren’t able to see all the children but did see two groups of the smaller children and they did a small performance for us by reciting poems. We bought the children bananas as a small gift…you would have thought we had given them chocolate…they were so thrilled. We also were able to see the infants:)…one of the highlights.:)
A great part of this orphanage is that they try to encourage the mothers to care for their kids and have special housing for them if they need it.Currently, they are helping 8 young women in caring for their babies.
We also took over the “Metro”..Moldova’s version of Sam’s club or BJ’s. We did all our shopping for the breakfast we are making for the kids at Tocuz. We are a little overwhelmed that we are cooking for about 125 people..pray for us..haha:) So 10 dozen eggs and 10 lbs of flour later, we are good to go.
If you could pray that we get sleep, we would greatly appreciate it..none of us slept well the night before.
Our schedule has changed again..we are heading to Tocuz on Monday and staying til Wednesday. The schedule has been a bit crazy b/c the 2nd container that has all of the other gifts is being held at the Ukranian port, waiting for inspection. It is supposed to be released any day now.
So we are looking forward to Monday to see the kids in Tocuz…it will be the highlight of the week, being reunited with these precious children.

2 thoughts on “First day down!

  1. We will be praying for you to have the best time here! Both me and my sister were so blessed to see you back to our country. Thank you so much for having such a heart for our nation and our people in need. You all (the team) are a great example of serving. Please come back and help us in reaching our country for Him!!! I love you very much!!!!


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