French Toast and Cookies

Our team spent alot of time in the kitchen in Tocuz this year! For the past few years we served them a special meal, so this year we decided on french toast. We all got up bright and early to guesstimate in how we could make this a success.  Surprisingly, the orphanage had the perfect set up for this! They had a huge griddle stove and lots of counter space.
A BIG thanks to Cracker Barrel who donated 125 bottles of individual sized maple syrup bottles…the kids have never had maple syrup before:)  Overall, the breakfast was a great hit..altho there were some kids who were not impressed…haha:)

Robin getting ready to cook!

Bill, Adam, and Jenny unwrapping all of the syrup bottles.
Thankfully, none of then broke on way from the States!

Ala loves the kitchen:)


Ana..always so happy!

Olympia…believe it or not, was not a fan of french toast.

After we recouped from breakfast we got things ready to start baking cookies. Robin is AMAZING at this..she had everything organized and had such a passion to bake with the kids. Our team bought a hand mixer at one of the local shopping centers and all the kids were intrigued by it. They were all excited to have a turn using it.
The ones who had the most fun baking were the older boys! One of them told Robin that this (spending time in the kitchen) reminded him of home. So sweet. There were a bunch of kids who did not want to leave..they wanted to spend all day baking. It was such a great way to show them love and spend quality time with them!
By the end, I think we made around 34 dozen cookies!

The final product!

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