And..we’re off!

First of all, Adam and I are so thankful for each of you. We have loved reading through your e-mails and your messages on Facebook…we are blown away by all of the encouragement so many of you have already sent our way. Thank you!:)

Last night, Adam and I started the first part of our application. There is a “Part A” and “Part B”. Part A is just about complete. All I need to do is attach our latest 1040 and will then be mailed out today. Yay! This application is being mailed to Wide Horizons in Waltham and once they receive it, we will be assigned our social worker and start the homestudy process. Part B of the application is filled out during the homestudy.

I am currently looking for part time work. I am not looking for anything random, but a job that could turn into full time down the road. So for all my praying friends/family, I would love for you to pray over that. 🙂 We are looking to save as much money as we can and any money that I make through this part time job will be deposited right into a separate account we are setting up for the adoption.

I read this familiar verse this morning and what a promise it is:

“Your Word is a lamp to guide my feet
and a light for my path.” Psalm 119:105

In other news, Adam’s grandmother died yesterday morning. We were so sad to hear this news but are comforted that she knew the Lord and is in Heaven with Jesus right now. And, she is reunited with her husband Ralph, Adam’s grandad. Here is a picture of them:

If you have ever heard Adam talk about his grandad, the state trooper, this is him. I love hearing Adam talk about him..his face instantly lights up:)

Thanks for your prayers and for checking in on us:)

3 thoughts on “And..we’re off!

  1. Beautiful Colleen! It's Noelle from Wendy's “small” group 🙂 Your story is literally bringing me to tears. First off… high highs and low lows. Amidst the celebration for your son or daughter… I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Adam's Grandma. The picture of her with Adam's Grandpa floods my heart imagining all of the memories you both must have of them. I wonder what their reunion was like… what it was like when she left her body and was in God's glory… I can only imagine…

    In regards to your adoption, we too chose adoption as our “Plan A”. Both Ryan and I knew that God placed a child on our hearts, but neither of us felt compelled to go through a pregnancy. Sierra Xiao Xin Dey is now 8. We got our referral when she was 18 months and we had her in our arms when she was 20 months. All I can say is God created our family so perfectly it renders me speechless. 5 years ago we set out to adopt our 2nd Chinese daughter. We expected the wait to be 1 1/2 years like Sierra, but God has a different route for us. We will see what unfolds! I'll be praying that God perfectly prepares your son/daughter's heart to melt into your arms… that he/she will see how special he/she is that God would put her/him all the way on the other side of this earth to be with his/her predestined forever family. I'll pray for your patience through that storm of paperwork… and in the process of waiting.

    I can't wait to hear more! Congratulations on your “pregnancy”

    With love and excited expectation,

    Noelle (your friend whose been prego 5 years so far… ha ha!)


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