Back To Work!

Last year, while I was working at the jail, I had interviewed for a job at an agency that does foster care counseling. It seemed like the perfect job for me and I was desperate to get out of the work situation I was in. When they called me to tell me that they were offering me the job, I was so excited. But the hiring manager told me not to accept it right away, that he really thought I should take the weekend to think about it. At that time, Adam and I were almost done paying off debt, and with this new job, there would be a paycut and it would take us a bit longer to pay off the last amount we had left. So after much deliberation, I turned the job down. We knew God was telling us not take it right then, but it was so hard to turn down, knowing that I had to go back to a job I disliked so much.
Fast forward to about 2 weeks ago when our social worker called us to let us know that I had to find a job. The next day I went online and saw that the SAME JOB I had interviewed for had come back around and was available again. I was hesitant in sending my resume again because I had already turned it down once, but I did anyway. The hiring manager called me that night to let me know they were very excited to see my resume come through again and he scheduled me for an interview a few days later. And..I got the job! I am going to be a Clinical Coordinator and will be doing counseling for foster families. I couldn’t be happier!
It’s amazing how God times things. His “No’s” are sometimes “Just wait..” He knew that I was going to need this job at this moment….and had already been paving the way to provide me this job last year. In the mean time, He provided abundantly for Adam and I in which we were able to pay off our debt and increase our savings..all in preparation for our adoption. We know without a doubt that His hand is constantly guiding us and we are so grateful.
We are taking things one step at a time because when we start to look forward, passed the present, it is overwhelming because we have no idea how we will get there. But we are dwelling on these reminders of God’s faithfulness to us thus far and it’s enough to keep us moving:)
My dear friend, Colleen, sent me this verse a couple of weeks ago, and I have been reading it every day:

Even when there was no reason for hope, Abraham kept hoping-
believing that he would become the father of many nations.
For God had said to him, ” That’s how many descendents you will have.”
And Abraham’s faith did not weaken, even though at about 100 years of age,
he figured his body was as good as dead.
Abraham never wavered in believing God’s promise.
In fact his faith grew stronger and in this he brought glory to God.
He was fully convinced that God is able to do whatever He promises.
Romans 4:18-21

A Few Hoops

Tuesday night, Adam and I were literally on our way out the door for a church dinner, when our placement agency in North Carolina called me to discuss our registration form. They were concerned with me not working and come to find out, my unemployment does not count as income to the Moldovan government. So take away that, they were concerned that the Moldovan government would deny us.

So, after a brief meltdown and a few “I’m screwing our family up” rants, Adam (so level headedly) said “You can easily find a job. That is not out of your control.” So true. And later that evening, our Pastor was speaking to us and reminded us that this is one of the many hoops that we will be jumping through over the next year or so. He so confidently reminded us that this was NOT the end to us starting our family, but really just the beginning. So I am on the job hunt with full force:) Please pray I find one quickly! We would so appreciate it.

We start our homestudy on Monday! We will meet our social worker, Carol, for the first time and spend 2 hours with her discussing Adam and I’s relationship, how we came to pursue adoption, etc.

Over the last month I have been part of an online Bible study through Proverbs 31 Ministries and it has been absolutely what I needed. Through it, I have met a woman who has been waiting for a daughter from China..for 5 years! It has been a roller coaster of a journey for her, to say the least. She has become a wonderful source of encouragement to me and I am deeply thankful for Noelle’s friendship. I love how God places and orchestrates people to come into our lives at just the right time. I shared a verse with her this morning that I am continually meditating on today:

Psalm 119:45-50
” Remember your promise to me;
it is my ONLY hope.
Your promise REVIVES me;
it comforts me in all my troubles.”

I love the word “revives” because to me, I picture something coming back to life; something that became lifeless even for just a brief moment, but has new hope and new energy. In the midst of all our “unknowns”, God’s word is constant and breathes new life to us.

Thanks for checking in and for your continued support. We love you:)

2nd Week In

Only 2 weeks in…I actually have to laugh because we have about a GAZILLION more to go. However, I am reminding myself that every day that goes by, is one step closer:) It is definitly not a “sprint”.

The other night at dinner:
Me to Adam: “Are you sure we’re doing the right thing?”
Adam: “Are you seriously asking me this?”
Me: “Well, I’m overwhelmed by the cost of this.”
Adam: “Oh well.”

HA! I love his directness and bluntness sometimes. He is not usually so blunt but whenever he is, he is serious and I take a step back to listen. Adam is such a leader in all of this and I am thankful. In all honesty, we truly ARE peaceful about our adoption decision..God has been so faithful in speaking TRUTH. Last night, God laid on my heart to read Psalm 139~ I love this chapter because it is all about us never being out of the sight of the Lord. Verse 5 jumped out and was just the reassurance I needed for this week:

“You go before me and follow me.
You place your hand of
blessing on my head.”
It is so comforting to know that God is surrounding each of us and is wanting to bless us. What a promise:)
Some small updates:
1. Our application was received by our agency and they said we will be assigned a social worker shortly! Once we are assigned one, we will start the home study process. We are excited!
2. I am SO thankful for friends and family, near and far, who have reached out by hosting a Pampered Chef show for me or by ordering products. 100% of my commission is going to be used to offset our adoption fees. If you are interested in hosting one, message me, even if you are out of state. I am only doing catalog shows and everything can be done online. Or, if you just want to buy something, that is fine too. Check out my website:
One last thing:
While I was working at the jail and hating every second of it, my sweet mother-in-law gave me a card with some quotes about God’s promises in it. I found one in my Bible today and was so reassured by it. I hope it blesses you too:
There is a guide that never falters,
And when He leads I cannot stray,
For step by step He goes before me,
And marks my path, He knows the way.
Oft-times the path grows dim and dreary,
The darkness hides the cheering ray,
Still I trust, tho worn and weary,
My Savior leads, He knows the way.
He knows the evils that surround me,
The turnings that would lead astray,
No foes of night can ere confound me,
For Jesus leads, He knows the way.
Thanks for checking in on us:)