A Few Hoops

Tuesday night, Adam and I were literally on our way out the door for a church dinner, when our placement agency in North Carolina called me to discuss our registration form. They were concerned with me not working and come to find out, my unemployment does not count as income to the Moldovan government. So take away that, they were concerned that the Moldovan government would deny us.

So, after a brief meltdown and a few “I’m screwing our family up” rants, Adam (so level headedly) said “You can easily find a job. That is not out of your control.” So true. And later that evening, our Pastor was speaking to us and reminded us that this is one of the many hoops that we will be jumping through over the next year or so. He so confidently reminded us that this was NOT the end to us starting our family, but really just the beginning. So I am on the job hunt with full force:) Please pray I find one quickly! We would so appreciate it.

We start our homestudy on Monday! We will meet our social worker, Carol, for the first time and spend 2 hours with her discussing Adam and I’s relationship, how we came to pursue adoption, etc.

Over the last month I have been part of an online Bible study through Proverbs 31 Ministries and it has been absolutely what I needed. Through it, I have met a woman who has been waiting for a daughter from China..for 5 years! It has been a roller coaster of a journey for her, to say the least. She has become a wonderful source of encouragement to me and I am deeply thankful for Noelle’s friendship. I love how God places and orchestrates people to come into our lives at just the right time. I shared a verse with her this morning that I am continually meditating on today:

Psalm 119:45-50
” Remember your promise to me;
it is my ONLY hope.
Your promise REVIVES me;
it comforts me in all my troubles.”

I love the word “revives” because to me, I picture something coming back to life; something that became lifeless even for just a brief moment, but has new hope and new energy. In the midst of all our “unknowns”, God’s word is constant and breathes new life to us.

Thanks for checking in and for your continued support. We love you:)

3 thoughts on “A Few Hoops

  1. Sweet girl! Praying for your job. We've had some hoops as well. But you know what's wild? I'm a basketball player and a previous coach. Although a basketball hoop looks small from a distance, when you get up really close, that hoop is big enough to fit TWO basketballs in side-by-side (random fact you learn when you go to enough basketball camps in the summer!).

    So when that hoop looks impossible, for God, He sees it up close and it's far easier than what we see! TWO basketballs can fit in at the same time! That's God's perspective.

    I love the question from your friends- about Pampered Chef counting as employment. Another option you may have already looked into… are agencies. I have a good friend who works for Express Employment Professionals. I'm wondering if it might help to get a head hunter to help to supplement your own search…


    Knowing God has provision for you… and standing with you as you find it,



  2. Jessica and Noelle~
    Great question about PC being a job. Unfortunately the income isn't steady. It's pretty sporadic and since I don't really make a ton with it, Immigration probably won't find it acceptable. But GREAT thoughts..I so appreciate your perspective:)

    Noelle~ i LOVE the b-ball analogy. thank you for that!!!! wow…what a great way to look at that..i never would have had any idea that 2 balls could fit into that hoop. what a great way to look at how God really sees things:)

    Love you both..you are amazing friends!!!


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