Faithful Reminders

Over the month of March, I have been trying to raise money for our adoption through my Pampered Chef business. Starting out, my prayer was to raise at least $1000 to help offset the cost of our next round of payments to our adoption agency. For me, this was a big goal because I don’t make a huge commission off the products and knew to take home $1000 would require some big sales. So i just kept praying through it.
One of the women who responded to host a show for me sent me an e-mail this past week. She had been discouraged that she hadn’t been able to collect as many orders as she had hoped for so she started to spend some time in prayer over it. That afternoon the doorbell rang. It was the mailman delivering certified mail. In the envelope was a note from a friend of a friend stating that she heard about Adam and I’s adoption and didn’t really need any kitchen items, but felt burdened to give towards our adoption fund. Attached to the note was a check for a $1000!!! Of course, I had to read it a hundred times and then I started crying.:)
Isn’t God amazing? It is these moments that Adam and I cling to when we start to doubt or feel anxious. 2 Corinthians 9 talks about God’s generous provision and we have certainly felt that this week. I know there are some friends out there who are taking some steps of faith..I encourage you to keep trusting~God is there, is sovereign, and is the Ultimate Provider.
We are hoping to re-schedule our home study soon and get the process moving again. We received the green light from Carolina Adoption now that I am working:) (Oh P.S. I LOVE my job:)
We’ll keep you posted! Thanks for checking in:)

5 thoughts on “Faithful Reminders

  1. PRAISING GOD!!!!!! I love how every step of the way, He's letting you know His hand is perfectly on your adoption! What an exciting “pregnancy”!!!!! Love you two… soon to be three!!!!


  2. Colleen, this is absolutely wonderful!! Yes, our God is amazing. I love the adventures of life when He is in charge! Such a trip of love, comfort and encouragement!! I have prayed for something like this to happen for you!!!! I praise and worship Him for all that He is doing in our lives. Love you so much!


  3. Hands in the Air!!! Now THATS THE GOD WE SERVE!!
    Rejoicing with you and Adam and never stop being amazed by His grace!!

    Love ya,


  4. So awesome!! Nothing is too much for our God! I love hearing how He is touching you in this journey!! Love to you and Adam!


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