Our Homestudy Has Started

This past Thursday, Adam and I started our homestudy process with Wide Horizons For Children in Waltham. Our meeting with our social worker, Carol,  took almost 2 1/2 hours and were a bit tired by the end, to say the least. We talked mostly about our marriage: how we met, what attracted us to each other, what we think each other’s strengths/weaknesses are, how we handle conflict, etc. It was fun to think back to when we started dating and talk about how our relationship has grown. I couldn’t help but think that we have alot of FUN together. I feel so blessed to have Adam as my husband.

The other great part about our time with Carol was that we were able to share why we wanted to adopt. We got to share a little about  our faith and that adoption to us isn’t JUST a means to start a family. We also were able to talk to her alot about Moldova and how much we love the country and what we have been doing there for the last 6 years.

We have 3 more visits to complete our homestudy: 5/2~Adam meets with Carol individually; 5/15~I meet with Carol individually; 5/31~Carol comes to our apartment to check it out. And on 5/21 we have to attend an 8 hour adoption workshop to meet the requirements for our homestudy. So, needless to say, May will be a busy month!

We decided on names: “Hope” for a girl and “Noah” for a boy.  When you pray, will you pray for him/her by name?  Hope/Noah is probably around 6 months-1 yr old right now. Please pray for protection as well as pray for the caregivers in the orphanage, that they will be filled with genuine love for the kids there so that when Hope/Noah comes home he/she will already know what love feels like and will be able to attach to us easier.

Psalm 139:16,17~ “You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.”  Can’t wait to read this verse to Hope/Noah:)

We  pray you had a beautiful Easter! As I get older, Easter has become my favorite holdiay. There is so much joy in the fact that the tomb was empty and Jesus is alive. There is victory, power, and hope for our lives in it. Our church had a beautiful service and afterwards, Adam’s family came over to have dinner with us. After they left we made our annual trip to CVS to find leftover Cadbury Mini-Eggs:)

We appreciate each of you..thank you for praying!!

2 thoughts on “Our Homestudy Has Started

  1. I didn't think ANYONE aside from my husband liked Cadbury eggs 🙂 I am praying for Hope/Noah by name… for her/his caregivers, that they are filled with compassion and that these precious orphans are the apples of their eyes… that God blankets their orphanage with His perfect presence… that Hope/Noah is growing in heart- preparing to be a new YOUNG! Thank You Lord for this precious life! I can't wait to buy a Cadbury egg (on sale of course) for when she/he is a running around in your home on your first Easter as a family of 3! xoxo


  2. I'm soooo excited for y'all and I'll be praying that everything goes smoothly :-). Praying for little Hope/Noah and all the wonderful people taking care of her/him.

    BTW, Cadbury eggs are the BEST FOOD EVER, but it has to be the original one ;-).


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