All Our Needs

Adam and I have had such a busy month and it’s hard to believe we are heading into June. I was looking at the last time I had posted something, and it was right when we started our homestudy. Well, we have one more visit with our social worker and this part will be complete! Carol comes to our house next Tuesday to finish up our interview and check out our house. I can’t believe how fast time is going.

I have been reminded of a verse in the Bible that says “My God will supply all your needs.” I have always loved this verse because it is so simple yet such a powerful promise. But God was quick to convict me in how I read it. I have been quick to assume that it was just talking about my material needs. Of course, I do believe it does refer to Him providing in that way. But He has taught me over the last month that He also supplies our emotional and spiritual needs…always. Over the winter, I participated in an online Bible study through Proverbs 31 Ministries. Through this study I have met some amazing women all over the world who have become genuine friends. One in particular is my friend Noelle. When I shared with the group that Adam and I were in the very beginning stages of adopting, Noelle contacted me immediately. Her and her husband, Ryan, have adopted their beautiful daughter Sierra from China about 7 years ago. Sierra is now 8 years old. Noelle has been an amazing source of encouragement to me over these last few months. Really, words can’t do it justice in how her friendship has been a gift to me over the last several weeks. Noelle owns her own fitness bootcamp in California and, within a month or so of us becoming friends, she e-mailed me that she had told all her bootcampers about Adam and I and was going to donate a portion of their fees for the month of March to our adoption! About a month ago, Adam and I not only received their donation but the most beautiful letter from EACH PERSON that participated. Adam and opened it before I had gotten home and when he handed it to me he said “You’re going to need some tissues while you read this. No, seriously, you will.” He was right. Adoption has its’ waves of emotion that I can’t really explain and that day was one of those days where it felt like it was impossible. But after reading the words of encouragement from people we have never met, God’s peace just flooded me. And he reminded me that He does supply ALL our needs. The way the Lord has been speaking and the people He has been using along the way to speak His Truth has been such an encouragement to us both and we are just humbled by the Lord’s care for us.

Needless to say, Adam and I are planning a trip out to California when Hope or Noah comes home so we can meet all our new friends. 🙂 I can’t begin to tell you how grateful we are for each of them. We have read and re-read their letter often! (I wish you could see their picture. Noelle sent me a pic of all of them, but for some reason it’s not uploading right)

Please pray for adoptions in China~ Noelle and Ryan have been waiting 5 years to bring home their second daughter and are expecting another 2-3 year wait. Join us in praying little Presley home and please pray for Noelle and Ryan that they continue to have the perseverance needed during this long and hard wait.

Thank you for praying and checking in:)

Ryan, Noelle, and their daughter Sierra

6 thoughts on “All Our Needs

  1. WOW!! Just beautiful & amazing!! God's spirit working things out.

    Praying for you as God continues to provide your needs… I hold precious ALL the moments on my adoption journey… even the darkest ones. The journey itself I count as a precious gift from God. I often commented that I felt as if I got to stand aside, and watch God orchestrate a miracle. I still look in amazement at this little girl born thousands of lives away now living, breathing, laughing, and crying in my house in the U.S. Only God can do that. In the end of it all this amazing life comes into your world, and changes it in ways you never could have imagined.


  2. That's a beautiful story. I'm so glad that God is providing friends in the same life stage as you and Adam that you can relate to and rely on for support and encouragement. God does provide all your needs. 🙂


  3. Hope/Noah's Mommy and Daddy,
    You have been a source for all of OUR needs to be met as we journey to baby Presley. We had lost our vigor… Our belief… And through the gift of YOUR journey, God has reignited the burning desire in our hearts. How perfect is His plan! Absolutely can't wait to hug your necks in person! We love you so much…


  4. Hi there Colleen & Adam!
    I am a bootcamper w/Noelle! My name is Robin Scruggs (Noelle calls me Scruggs). Your journey is so beautiful and God led! Your passion to not only adopt a child but humble yourselves by changing the fate of a child from a less fortunate country is honoring the Lord in such a magical way! I am blessed to be a virtual friend. Hold tight to your love of Jesus and your little angel!

    May God continue to guide you through your journey.
    Love Scruggs


  5. Hello,
    My name is Chrissy VanDyke, I am a bootcamper with Noelle. I am so encouraged by your faith and love for God. I will continue to fervently pray for you and your family.
    1 Corinthians 15:57 But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Love, Chrissy.


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