When Adam and I submitted our application for adoption to Moldova, the social worker told us that this program is going through a transition, so we are not surprised about the delay. Sad, yes…surprised, no.
So this is the reason: Moldova’s Minister of Labor and Social Protection is running for a new position. Unfortunately, everything is being put on hold until she either gets elected or resumes her old position. This could be as early or June or it could be indefinite. Because of this, our adoption agency is not able to accept any new dossiers (all our international paperwork) at this time. Adam and I were just starting to work on this.
What’s the good news in this? We haven’t yet submitted our official contract with Carolina Adoption Services (we were about to this week) Along with this contract is a big sum of money that is due and we are so thankful that we didn’t send it in yet, just in case it was non-refundable. The other part is the new law that is trying to be passed by Moldova is that they want all adoptive parents to spend 1-3 months IN COUNTRY to bond with the baby. This would be completely impossible for us. So, we are thankful that the news was NOT that this bill had passed.
We would appreciate your prayers for discernment and wisdom as we continue on. We have said from day one that we will continue with adoption from Moldova until the door absolutely closes. So it’s not closed yet, but we do have some things to pray about.
Thank you for your support..we are so appreciative.

One thought on “Delays…

  1. Hmm… how ARE you guys? My heart SO goes out to you. Hearing news like this really stings. Something tells me that when we see Hope/Noah (and Presley), we'll think, “No wonder why we had to wait… if things happened sooner, we wouldn't have YOU!”

    Colleen and Adam, we are holding you so tightly in prayer. We love you beyond measure.



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