Continuing to wait

Just wanted to send you all a quick update..this will probably be the quickest update ever, because there isn’t any new news. We heard from our social worker out of North Carolina and everything is still at a standstill and they predict it will be like this until late summer. So we continue to wait. And that’s OK
But I haven’t been so “OK” with it over the last few weeks. I’ve been mad, frustrated, sad during Mothers Day and Fathers Day, and just not happy. I was tired of waiting.  Some of you have heard me talk about two little girls on my case load at work. They are sisters and are pretty much the office favorites. They are the highlight of my week when I get to visit them at home. They are waiting to be adopted and their social worker expects that they will be adopted by the end of summer. I started thinking how Adam and I could adopt them and how much joy they would bring to our home. I spoke with the girls’ social worker after a case meeting last week and asked what we would need to do if we were interested. She said their case is moving fast but she would move us right along if we were truly interested. I knew in my heart that God was saying “No” but I continued to argue with Him…which never turns out in my favor. Ha. So you can imagine how the conversation went when I told Adam “So, there’s these 2 girls who are waiting to be adopted….” He continues to use Adam to remind me of where God has called us and that we have committed ourselves to Moldova until that door closes.
I so want to take the easy way out in all of this but I know we can’t. We would be missing out on so much that God wants to show us and teach us. I was reading this morning in Matthew 16:15. Jesus asked Peter “Who do you say that I am?” I felt like it was Jesus asking me that question…”Who am I to you?”  I immediately thought of the power He has over death..He is victorious over everything and has power over everything. And He reminded me this morning that He can make the impossible POSSIBLE.  If I have learned anything over the last few years it’s that during these waiting periods the Lord shines the brightest and I know I don’t want to miss out on that.
Adam and I are praying over this verse today: Hebrews 11:1 “Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.”
We appreciate your continued prayers…thanks for checking in:)

5 thoughts on “Continuing to wait

  1. Colleen,
    I will be married 39 years at the end of September. In 1977, at the age of 27 and a police officer for 3 years, I came to the LORD in my despondency over a childless. Two years later we decided to pursue adoption through Suffolk County (Long Island, NY) Social Services and went through the whole process of home study, etc. In mid September 1980, our social worker called and said she needed to meet with us again to update our home study since it been a year. When we asked why it was taking so long she just said that they were not getting a lot of babies for adoption and we should anticipate a long wait. About 2 weeks later, my wife, Lucille, went into the hospital on Oct. 2, 1980 for an exploratory laparoscopic surgery on her reproductive system. Her surgery was scheduled for 9:30 AM. At 10:45 AM my phone rang and I assumed it to be the doctor reporting on my wife. It was our social worker, Mrs. Lee. She told me that we were going to have a 3 ½ month old daughter. In my excitement I still had the presence of mind to ask her what time the committee met to select adoptive parents for Jennifer and she replied, “9:30.” Jennifer, a PCC grad, will be 31 years old this Saturday (6/25) and has given us the three most amazing grandchildren. Jennifer has impacted our lives in so many ways including a “chance” meeting with Mr. Pope in 2002 where she mentioned me. This led to my meeting THE POPE and coming to teach CJ at PCC in 2003. After almost 17 years of marriage, my wife conceived for the one and only time that we know of only to miscarry after 3 months. But “all things work together for good” (Rom. 8:28). We decided to pursue adoption again because of this and on May 12, 1991 (Mother’s Day that year) landed in Santiago, Chile and received our 17 month old son, Gabe, that afternoon. In Feb. 1994, our adoption agency in Pennsylvania called to ask if we were interested in adopting again as Gabe’s birth mother was 8 months pregnant with a little girl. Of course we were interested and Laura became our third child. Laura is about to enter her senior year at PCA and plans to study nursing at PCC afterward. Gabe is now a senior CJ student at PCC with plans to go to law school after graduation next year. He also engaged to a great girl at PCC (she’s a faculty staff kid) and they plan to wed after graduation next year; coincidentally on May 12, the 21st anniversary of his being given to us which we also call his 2nd birthday. I know it can be a struggle to remain patient but hang in there because God has a unique plan for you and your husband as well (Jeremiah 29:11).
    John Heckel
    PCC CJ faculty


  2. just found your blog, love your heart for God, Moldavia and your child to be…

    Wait patiently upon the Lord dear sis!

    x wen


  3. Colleen and Adam!
    Oh my heaven. I never told you guys about our journey prior to meeting you. Colleen, like you, when we were told how long we would be waiting for Presley, I called our social worker to find out what we could do to speed up the process. Before long, we were on the special needs list- against God's will and against Ryan's wisdom. Like Adam, Ryan reminds me of what God has placed on our hearts.

    Since I decided to do things my way, in addition to the marital tension, we had some serious heartbreaks along our way. We had to say “No” to a couple of very precious children. We had their referrals right in front of our eyes- I can still see their faces- their expressions- their personalities. But when we researched their special needs, we found we could not be faithful with what God has currently given us: our marriage and Sierra.

    Needless to say, like you and Adam, we decided to hold tight to our faith.

    All I know my sweet friends, is when Hope/Noah are in your arms… and when Presley is in ours… we'll say, “No wonder why God had us wait… They are PERFECT!”

    I love you both so much… and I am beyond inspired by your Christ-centered, God-seeking, unshakable faith!



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