Stretchmarks of Faith

So many of you have been so sweet and asking if it is OK to ask us how our adoption is going. Of course it is!:) Unfortunately, we continue to have no new news. Carolina Adoption Services have been approved to be re-accredited in Moldova and they are waiting on some of the final steps from the Moldovan government. So, this is positive. When will we find out? Who knows! We just keep pressing on..we have to complete a bunch of pre-adoptive education online and we just have not had the time or energy to do it. If you could pray for us to get this completed, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!:)

Counting the blessings:
A close friend of mine e-mailed me about a month ago and said that she was praying for us. Her specific prayer was that I would find another mom who was trying to adopt from Moldova so we could help support each other. Sure enough, I got a message on Facebook a few days later from a friend who lives in Colorado. She had met a woman at her church that was trying to adopt from Moldova and wants us to stay in touch. God is good, isn’t He?

Every so often, I wish we had something physical to remind us that a baby is on the way. An ultrasound. A growing stomach. A sure timeline of 9 months. Anything. But with those fleeting thoughts comes conviction. Sometimes a whisper. Sometimes a shout. Jesus reminding me “I AM enough”. His fingerprints have been on this whole journey. I don’t want to miss Him~His voice, His convictions, His encouragement. The Lord HAS to be my number one desire. HE has to be the source of my joy. Nothing else can bring full satisfaction. Friends can disappoint us. Jobs can leave us. Marriages can fail. Kids can make bad decisions. Jesus is the only constant. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. His grace is sufficient in our weakness. Through pain, He brings peace that passes all understanding. His love is unfailing. He came to give us fullness of life. I was reading yesterday how the name that God calls himself  “I AM” is present tense. He loves you today, He is with you today, and He wants to be your number one …forever.

My deepest desire is to be a mom and have blessed chaos in our small apartment. But if it never happens and the only thing I come out of this is with a deeper relationship with the Lord..not just knowing about Him, but knowing Him…I will have won. Actually, I already have won.

So, come and stretch with me:) I would love to hear what God is doing in your life. He loves you like crazy and so do I! Thank you for checking in on us:)

Psalm 91:2 “This I declare about the Lord: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; He is my God and I trust Him.”

7 thoughts on “Stretchmarks of Faith

  1. Written with true passion and total dependence on the One who sustains us all.
    Adam and Colleen, it must be so very difficult to wait and wait as you have been doing for some time now for the adoption process to move forward. Many of us observe from afar and feel your frustration. May God bless and sustain both of you through this extended process.
    Pray that both of you are able to participate in another Life Community. I just attended the first of our groups at the Allens in Methuen. It promises to be a fun and lively group. We miss you guys and pray that God will continue to be THE guiding force in your lives.


  2. Sweet friend! I'm gaining stretchmarks alongside you 🙂 I'm so amazed that, in the midst of the unknown, you and Ryan keep bringing me back to settling in on seeking God's will… and finding His peace while we wait for our stories to unfold. I haven't given up a single ounce of belief for Hope/Noah, and I will continue to pray for your baby by name. In all honesty, it's harder to pray for Presley by name since it's my own story, but that's one of many reasons God brought you into my life. THANK YOU for YOU. Loving and praying for you, Adam and Hope/Noah this very second.


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