Joy vs. happiness. Two words often confused to have the same meaning. Happiness is fleeting, temporary because at any moment, somthing can happen to make us sad, mad, angry, etc. But “joy” is a matter of the heart..a heart filled with thanksgiving despite circumstances surrounding us. I am convinced that joy is not possible without Jesus. Through only His power, love and grace can He usher us into the spirit of joy.
This has been the journey of my own heart, really over the last several years…to be joyful despite circumstances and to give thanks no matter what. It has been a discipline because it is something that just does not come naturally!
So this lesson of joyfulness continues as we carry on in adoption. It has taken me up to a couple of weeks ago to get to this point.  I have so much joy in our adoption and so much joy that our babies are somewhere in Moldova (ok, i say “babies”…Adam just laughs and goes with it.) and so much joy that our family is being made by adoption. I haven’t been able to say that honestly until recently. The Lord has been working on my heart to rid me of thoughts of jealousy of other families that get to have their family in a quick 9 months.
Our family is being made by adoption. Nothing sounds sweeter than that to me. Adam’s sweet cousin, Heather, posted a link on my facebook page of a book called “Mommy’s Heart Went Pop”, a book about a mother adopting a child and how her heart grew through the whole process. As a woman who is physically pregnant “pops out” so it is in adoption with the mother’s heart. It was at that moment, reading that link, that the Lord just filled me with so much love for babies I can’t see or feel physically..but could feel in my heart. There is so much love…and so much joy that this is the calling God has placed over Adam and I. God is good. This is His “Plan A” for us..NOT “Plan B”.  Adoption is the heart of God! So awesome. Thankful for turning points and lessons of God’s grace and compassion.

” Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

2 thoughts on “Joy

  1. Colleen, I so enjoyed reading this. I loved the insight you shared on being a parent waiting for adoption. So revealing of your heart for this child describing how you “pop out” in your heart the way a biological parent “pop out” physically. God is truly molding you after His desires and you willingness shows. God did call you and Adam to be adoptive parents. Care for the orphaned children was of the upmost importance to Jesus, he knows your heart and the heart of Adam to care for such a child. I love you


  2. I will tell you both that adoption has brought unmatched joy AND happiness to our worlds 🙂 The moment you are handed Hope/Noah… it'll be a “delivery” experience like no other. We couldn't have dreamed of a better plan A in our family. Remembering back to our “delivery room” moment still brings me to tears. We had the blessing of watching different families settle into God's perfect will with such elation!

    And on a very unspiritual side… Colleen… you'll “deliver” and still be in your skinny jeans 🙂 Woohooo!

    I love you so much!


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