Have you ever been going through something and feel that you are in limbo..that how could possibly God be at work? Ah, the lesson of my life. ūüôā God is making Himself known to me, and to you, every single day; unfortunately¬†sometimes I¬†fail to see Him because I am looking at life through my own eyes, not His. And, how He always brings me back to perspective. So thankful for His grace.
One of the things that I have shared with some of you that has been hard for me is to not have any physical reminders of our sweet pictures of ultrasounds, etc. Adam and I have to constantly remind ourselves that on the other side of our mountain of paperwork is Hope/Noah. One of my dear prayer partners  gave me a whole new way of viewing this struggle. She told me that each of the kids on my caseload represent Hope and Noah..that when I look at these children I can see my own children. What perspective!
I was assigned 2 1/2 week old twin girls to my caseload this week..I was able to help bring one of them home from the hospital to her new foster home. How beautiful are these little girls. I went to visit them yesterday and was helping feeding one of them. She fell asleep on my lap and I couldn’t help think¬†about where Hope/Noah is right now. Looking at this tiny baby helped me see our little one and just consumed me with love and happiness. Isn’t God so faithful?


Last night, Adam and I received the pictures of the children that our church will be serving in Moldova in the fall. They, too, helped me see Hope/Noah…the children of Moldova who are forgotten and are desperately in need of families. Their eyes helped me see our kids. How I cannot wait for the fall for Adam and I to be in our second home:) ¬†Adam and I are beyond excited for what God has in store for us.
Here are some of our favorite pictures from our past trips. We just love these kids:)

Praying your day is also filled with glimmers of God’s goodness and faithfulness in your life…that you don’t miss His Voice guiding you and His hands protecting you. He is a God of mercy, grace, and compassion. We have so much to be thankful for. ÔĽŅ

Happy 2012!

It’s hard to believe another year has past and we are in 2012. It was exactly this time last year that Adam and I decided to start our adoption process and research adoption agencies that would help us in Moldova. Time flies.

Where we are at:
As we have shared with many of you, adoptions in Moldova are still in limbo. The government agencies involved with adoption are “supposed” to be meeting “soon” (I’m using the word “soon” very loosely:) to discuss the guidelines for Moldova adoptions¬†and make them more concrete. How does this affect us? We are not able to start any of our international paperwork because guidelines can change and our social workers do not want us to have redo paperwork if it is not necessary.¬†Which, we can completely appreciate, as I am sure those of you have adopted internationally can too:)
We still need to send in our contract with Carolina Adoption Services. I think, subconsciously, we have been hesitant in doing this, because if Moldova adoptions close, we had no clear direction of what we would pursue instead. But God continues to give direction. Adam and I were talking about this yesterday and we both just had a peace that if the door to Moldova closes, we will pursue another country. What a weight lifted! We had talked about a domestic adoption, however CAS covers only international. So we had been torn for sometime. But now, international it is all the way! We want to stay in Eastern Europe, so we are starting to look into the countries CAS works with. But we continue to pray and wait for Moldova. That is where our heart is and we both said last night that we feel that our baby will come from there.
Our social worker is going to be starting to¬†write up our homestudy report and then we need to wait for it to be approved by Homeland Security and then it’s off to get fingerprinted. The homestudy should be written and completed by the end of this month.

Verse for 2012:
I like to pick a verse to pray through throughout the year and this year I chose Psalm 37:7a “Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for Him to act.” (NLT) My first reaction is to cringe when I see the words “wait” and patiently” together…it is so convicting because I am not that patient! But God’s ways are far greater than¬†my ways and His thoughts are far greater than mine.
We are excited to see God’s miracles unfold in 2012. This little child will truly be a miracle on so many levels. And we are hopeful. So we wait.

Thank you for checking in on us…we love each of you so much.

Hope/Noah’s first our hearts:)

As we celebrated this Christmas, we did it with anticipation that it was our last one with just the two of us. We received the most precious gift from my brother Scott and sister-in-law Dana (or, sister-in-love, as Dana says.) They gave us a beautiful hope chest filled with gifts for Hope/Noah. I loved seeing the little dress for Hope and Spider Man pajamas for Noah. They also gave us the Jesus Storybook Bible with audio CD’s to help them learn English faster. We just can’t wait to read to them and share with them Jesus’ love. And we can’t wait to read our book “Orphanology” by Tony Merida, who is friends with Scott and Dana. Tony and his wife Kim adopted 4 children from the Ukraine and one boy from Ethiopia. We loved opening up the book and seeing their children’s precious names written in the front cover…a reminder of the redemption of adoption.
These¬†were our first baby gifts and they¬†served as a great reminder to us that there is a precious child on the other side of our paperwork, there is someone waiting for us despite all the delays, and God’s perfect plan will be revealed in His timing. I can’t begin to describe how encouraging this gift was to us!

We pray you had a blessed Christmas with your family and friends. I know Adam and I enjoyed every moment with our family and are looking forward to the year ahead!