Hope/Noah’s first Christmas..in our hearts:)

As we celebrated this Christmas, we did it with anticipation that it was our last one with just the two of us. We received the most precious gift from my brother Scott and sister-in-law Dana (or, sister-in-love, as Dana says.) They gave us a beautiful hope chest filled with gifts for Hope/Noah. I loved seeing the little dress for Hope and Spider Man pajamas for Noah. They also gave us the Jesus Storybook Bible with audio CD’s to help them learn English faster. We just can’t wait to read to them and share with them Jesus’ love. And we can’t wait to read our book “Orphanology” by Tony Merida, who is friends with Scott and Dana. Tony and his wife Kim adopted 4 children from the Ukraine and one boy from Ethiopia. We loved opening up the book and seeing their children’s precious names written in the front cover…a reminder of the redemption of adoption.
These were our first baby gifts and they served as a great reminder to us that there is a precious child on the other side of our paperwork, there is someone waiting for us despite all the delays, and God’s perfect plan will be revealed in His timing. I can’t begin to describe how encouraging this gift was to us!

We pray you had a blessed Christmas with your family and friends. I know Adam and I enjoyed every moment with our family and are looking forward to the year ahead!

4 thoughts on “Hope/Noah’s first Christmas..in our hearts:)

  1. So glad you have such an amazing support system. The little package brought tears to my eyes. It helped me to see Noah in his spiderman PJs waiting anxiously under your tree or little Hope sitting politely in her beautiful dress at the Christmas Eve service. You're right it make is real. Keep fighting for your beloved. Miss you guys!


  2. This is truly one of the most heart-touching Christmas stories! The moment I saw that dress and the Spidey PJ's in your picture… then the gorgeous portrait of you and Adam… my emotions got the best of me because God's plans are already overwhelming me! Congratulations on your first Christmas as parents! Holding you both and precious Hope/Noah in my heart and prayers. Love you ALL beyond words!


  3. Colleen, 

    What a beautiful gift for you and Adam! I pray indeed that this will be y'alls' last Christmas of two :). The two of you will make such wonderful, loving parents, I know little Hop/Noah will be truly blessed!

    <3 Heather


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