Two Paths

When Adam and I decided to change our focus to domestic adoption, I started to think about the new possibilities and the new people God would put on our path. The way God brings people into our lives is amazing, isn’t it? We have seen Him work in pretty awesome ways in our own lives and we don’t doubt that this will be any different.
A couple of nights after we made our decision, I started thinking about this certain young woman. This young woman who will be making the ultimate sacrifice of love which will allow us to become a mom and dad. My heart was heavy for her. Not knowing these thoughts, my sister-in-law brought her up in a recent conversation and said “Your paths are about to cross.” Who knows where she is right now, but she is heading down a path that will bring her into crisis. Yet, the result of her crisis will become our greatest joy. As we sit here waiting, she is searching, wandering. How I wish I could tell her that we are on the other side waiting and there is hope. Kind of like how God is speaking to us right now. He knows the end of this story; we just need to trust. There is hope. Our stories are so similar. I’m starting a journal for her and am planning on giving it to her when we meet. My prayer is that through her own struggles and pain, the result will end in her finding contentment in Jesus, just as I have found.
Adam and I have shifted focus in not just praying for this baby but also for its’ other mom. Will you pray for us as we continue on in deciding how we can reach out to her, whenever our paths are meant to cross?

“And we know that God causes everything
to work together for the good
of those who love God
 and are called according to His purpose for them.
Romans 8:28

5 thoughts on “Two Paths

  1. Colleen, I am praying for you, Adam, the “other mom” and the baby that God will entrust to you two to raise. I think the journal will be a wonderful and reassuring gift for the woman that will be giving you one of the ultimate gifts. Love you, Charlotte Askew


  2. Colleen and Adam, I am in lOVE with your hearts for Hope/Noah and her/his Mom. That is truly the Holy Spirit… so alive… in both of you. I'm expecting miracles. You are touching eternity on so many levels. I am praying for your upcoming family of 3 and the courageous lady who is bringing her pregnancy to full-term. I love you both!


  3. Colleen and Adam, thank you for such a powerful blog and a reminder to me what is important in life and in prayer. I will continue to pray.


  4. I don't know how to do leave messages correctly yet, so the last one was from me. I love you guys and can't wait till the day when I get to meet your child.

    Love, Erin


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