Homestudy finally approved!

We finally found out from Carol, our social worker, that our homestudy has been submitted and approved! I’m not sure who was more excited, Adam and I or our social worker:) It took a year to get it done and out of the way..we are so thankful!
Now we are looking for a placement agency. Carol recommended that we look outside of Massachusetts since we are requesting a Caucasian infant. She recommended 2 attorneys in Indiana that specialize in adoption placements and adoption law. I spoke to them this past week and really liked them. He was very upfront which I loved. We don’t want anything sugar coated for us at this point. We just want the real deal. Altho, he wasn’t thrilled that we are Pats fans..ha:) He said we could only work with them if we burned our Brady jerseys and wore Indy shirts. At first I said “Fat chance” but said that we are willing to do anything at this point if it meant moving us along faster. 🙂 There is one more place we are going to look into, but are leaning towards the firm in Indiana.
We also can now start looking into applying for grants and scholarships. There are so many fabulous agencies out there who are looking to help offset the costs of adoption. The main one we are looking into is Show Hope ( founded by Steven Curtis Chapman. Him and his wife’s ministry is amazing!
Next steps: we need to get FBI fingerprinted and work on our adoption profiles to submit to our placement agency. Our profile is our biography and will be shown to expectant moms who are deciding to make an adoption plan for their baby. We believe that the right woman will see our story and all of our lives will change. We continue to pray for her.
Tomorrow, we are getting pictures taken for our profile by our dear friend, Terri who is also an adoptive mother.
We continue to put our faith in God’s timing and His sovereignty. He is faithful, bottom line, and we trust in that. Thanks for checking in on us:)

7 thoughts on “Homestudy finally approved!

  1. Congrats…. so excited for the two of you ! Terri takes awesome pictures and you may want to put together almost like a picture book for the adoptive mothers.

    Take care,


  2. Colleen, this is indeed such wonderful news and I am so happy for you and Adam. I must say that I never realized how much is involved when adopting a child. You have such a beautiful heart and I love you and pray for you, Adam, and Hope or Noah.


  3. Oh my goodness… this is bringing me to tears! I am praying for this process to be incredibly joy-filled… and I'm praying angels tend to Hope/Noah's every need- even while being perfectly knitted in the womb. Colleen and Adam… I'm dancing on the mountain top with you (in a Pat's jersey since I don't really follow any sports). Love you so much


  4. Colleen– Been praying for Hope and Noah and the mommy for a bit. I'm glad we are seeing break through.

    See God's will in the heavenlies taking place here on earth. As Jesus brought the Kingdom down to earth, pray that God will bring his kingdom down again and again via the adoption of orphans.



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