Stones~Village of Poiana, Moldova

Their faces showed innocence as they waited expectantly for their one new gift that they would receive this year. There were 26 small children, ranging from 1 years old to 4 years old,  gathered in a tiny school house in the village of Poiana, Moldova.  As I took in each precious face, I listened to the words of the principal speak of how the love of Jesus allows her to care for each of these children as her own. She makes approximately $50 a month because she gives about 90% of her monthly salary to make sure each child is able to have food each day. The parents of these children are too poor to provide food for them so the kids eat 3 meals a day at their preschool. Diapers are a luxury so the babies are often in soiled clothes. I am convicted by this woman’s compassion and sacrifice.  She goes without so they can be filled.

Adam and I caught each other’s eyes as we scanned the room and we smiled. As we said goodbye, though, our smiles turned to tears. We didn’t have to say a word to each other as we knew each other’s heart. As we looked at each boy it was like looking into Noah’s eyes. Each girl was as if we saw Hope. But it’s not the baby we will have in America. It’s the little boy or girl we left In Moldova back in April when we decided that it was time to pull out of the Moldovan adoption program.

This was our second time in Poiana. By revisiting it, it has driven us to continue to pray more earnestly for the orphans of Moldova as well as the government as they work to establish  structured adoption guidelines.  How our hearts are heavy for these precious children. How our hearts are heavy for our Hope/Noah.


Last year, we attended a marriage conference and listened to one particular couple speak of how for one year they left small stones around the world at places that were special to them. Adam and I loved this idea and have started that tradition.  Before we left Poiana, I pulled a small stone out of my bag and laid it on the outside wall as we left the school.  Adam put his arm around me and hugged me before we got in the van to leave. As we walked away, Adam took the stone and found a tree right outside the entrance to the school and buried it. Our hearts are forever there and will always be given to the children of Moldova.

As I write this, I am on the plane home from Moldova and am listening to some music. One of the lines to the song is “Greater things are yet to come…there is no one like our God.” I believe that with all my heart and believe this as I pray for the kids who are waiting to be in families.
Our God is a faithful God, isn’t He?

4 thoughts on “Stones~Village of Poiana, Moldova

  1. Colleen and Adam,
    Looking at the pictures… seeing your eyes of compassion and the truest love… I have been given the gift of literally seeing God. This is so beautiful, my heart aches.
    Lord, thank You for loving these precious Noahs and Hopes in Moldova through Colleen and Adam. Cover each child and each caretaker with Your hedge of protection and unending love. May they be deeply rooted in Your saving grace and have an unquenchable love for Jesus throughout their lives. Thank You for Colleen and Adam. Thank You that You already know their American Noah/Hope. We are waiting with eager expectations Lord! We love You and pray in Jesus' Name, Amen!


  2. Colleen, this was beautiful. Your faces are so covered with love when you are with these children. I love the idea of the stone being left behind as that does represent a little piece of both you and Adam that will remain with these children and the children that will come in the future. Love you so much and I stand in awe of your deep love of these small children of God.


  3. I Love this! It was this director that Jesus was talking about when discussing those who will inherit the Kingdom of Christ…we have it so easy here where we can change our children's diapers so frequently and their clothes when they're just a little dirty…we don't know sacrifice, we just can't…it's not the environment we live in…


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