Mother’s Day Weekend

What a happy weekend it was! The celebration started on Saturday with a family baby shower that my parents hosted. It was a wonderful time for our extended family to  all come together and celebrate Hope’s arrival to our family. We had such a wonderful afternoon introducing Hope to everyone. She was quite the celebrity, as you can imagine! It didn’t take much for me or my dad to get a teeny bit emotional. I wish you all could have heard him speak about the blessing Hope is. :)Thank you, Mom and Dad, for a beautiful day!

My mom and grandfather. I love how enamored he is over Hope. 🙂
It was so wonderful to see Adam’s sister Amanda and niece Mackenzie!Love them!
My lovely mother in law. Susie, and sister in law, Vanessa

Correne has been a faithful prayer warrior. She shared with me that, several months ago,
she started to pray specifically that our baby would arrive before Mother’s Day. 🙂
Kelly (right) has been my little sister for 20+years. (Maybe almost 30?!?)
 So overjoyed to see her and her mom, Nancy!


Leading up to Mother’s Day, I would think about it every so often and would feel a twinge of anxiety about it, like I would in years past. I don’t know why. So I asked Adam if we could go out in the morning for breakfast, just the 3 of us and spend time together. We had a great morning. Adam surprised me with a butterfly necklace from Tiffany’s. Before I knew what it was, I saw the infamous blue box and started to cry. And of course, when I saw the necklace, the tears continued to come. We had sent Tami a similar necklace that we picked out at the mall a couple of weeks back. I had enclosed a card to explain the symbol of the butterfly and why it was so special to me. (click here for the post on butterflies.) I am so blessed with such a sweet and thoughtful husband. So very blessed.

Of course, my heart was on Tami all day. Here I was celebrating this beautiful baby that she is living without. I couldn’t stop thanking the Lord for this precious gift, not only in Hope but in Tami. I had spoken with her a few days prior and I wish each of you could hear the happiness and joy in her voice as I told her how Hope was and what we were doing with her. I know that there is peace in knowing Hope is loved and cared for, despite the pain that is still in her heart. We set up a private Facebook page that is just for the 4 of us, so we could post pictures frequently. It is such a wonderful way to communicate! Tami messaged me to wish me a happy Mother’s Day, which made me so happy. I told her that not only did we celebrate Hope, but her as well. Tami replied that all she asks is that we take good care of her little girl. When I promised her that we will love her beyond measure, she responded “I know you will…that’s why I chose you.” I am excited to see how God continues to grow our relationship throughout the years to come. My prayer is that she will continue to see Jesus in us and that her heart will be pointed to Him. And, my prayer over Hope is that she will grow to understand how much Tami loves her. I am blessed to share the title of  “Mother” with Tami. We are mothers to her in different ways, yet mothers nonetheless. This quote below encapsulates the whole idea of adoption so beautifully:

I also just want to say thank you to so many of you who made this day extra special for me. I was so touched by all the texts, phone calls, messages, cards and gifts that I received! I am humbled that so many of you thought of me! You have been instrumental over these last couple of years~your prayers and encouragement mean more than you could ever know! THANK YOU!!!!
Hope~ I am so blessed that God chose me to be your Mommy. My heart is overflowing with love for you. I love you, my sweet little butterfly.



One thought on “Mother’s Day Weekend

  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of your whole family! I love you heart… not only celebrating the most monumental Mother's Day… but including and celebrating Tami as well. I continue to be humbled as you overflow with God's perfect love!


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