This year

Oh, this blog. I am surprised I even remembered the password. But I actually have a free minute from shoveling and Hope is napping, so I thought I would write a quick update.
How can it be that Hope is almost 2 years old?? I can’t take it! I miss the baby stage, but I have to admit, this is by far my most favorite stage yet. Hope loves to sing. Amazing Grace, Jesus Loves Me, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star are some of her favorites. She is obsessed with the alphabet and she constantly has a book in her hand. Hope loves to pray. We could be in the middle of talking and it would be perfectly normal to see her fold her hands, bow her head, and yell “pray pray” until we stop what we are doing and pray with her. Most recently, she has been taking her Bible and will sit next to me while I read mine in the morning. and will say “Jesus Jesus; Cross Cross” Can time just stop right now???
Almost exactly 4 years ago we announced we were starting our adoption journey. Time has flown. If you would have told me 4 years ago, we would be parents to an energetic little girl, I wouldn’t have believed you. Time seemed so slow, so long then. It seemed that everyone around us was advancing through life, but we were at a standstill. And now… I can’t hold time down. Last year kind of seems like a blur. Having a baby, going back to work, leaving my job, figuring out what the heck parenting is all about, sending adoption updates, and the list goes on. But this year…my goal is to enjoy the simple moments of everyday life: slobbery kisses, crumbs on the floor, coffee with good friends, date nights with Adam. I have been keeping a small scrapbook of each week. It has helped me stay focused on God’s goodness in the midst of ordinary, normal life.  It hasn’t slowed down the clock but it sure has taught me to enjoy each moment I am given. I have been following a blog written by a young mother who is dying of cancer. Her story has impacted me greatly. She encourages her readers to live life, soak in each moment, and live with intention. Her days are numbered. My days are numbered. I want to make each of them count.
And this is certainly a foundational year for Hope, I believe. Her mind is like a sponge. So I am trying to talk with her more about adoption, show her pictures of her birth family, and explain how she was born into our family. I know her little brain can’t comprehend it all right now, but it is good practice for me. I pray she will realize how much of a miracle she is and how truly cherished and valued her life is, not just by Adam and I but by Tami and Joe.
I am so humbled to be chosen to be Hope’s mother. I truly am. Words seem to escape me today. She is such a gift. Someone had said to me awhile ago that the love you have for a child born to you biologically is always going to be different. Maybe. I will probably never know. But what I do know is that I can’t imagine loving Hope more than what I already do. My heart is overflowing.
Thank you for continuing to follow us and be part of our lives. We love you.

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