Bedtime And Grace

There is something sacred about bedtime, I think. All of the busyness and rush of the day has come to a close and a blanket of quiet wraps itself around our little home. As a mom to two little humans, bedtime is GLORIOUS. My four-year-old still needs either myself or my husband to lie down with her while she falls asleep each night so we typically alternate who will tuck her into bed.

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As of late, I have been trying to focus on her little face as she squishes into me on the bed: the way she bats her eyes for ONE more lullaby or ONE more made up story that she in fact ends up making up herself. I find these little moments to be my most precious memories of the day. As I learn to manage this back and leg pain I am in, my mind and body are worn out and my patience has been a tad thin. This results in my words not always being the most kind. And it breaks my heart.

However, I have found grace meeting me in these bedtime moments. Whatever has happened during the day has been set aside and the time spent during these quiet minutes is all that matters. My love will place her little hand in mine and say “I love you, Mama” or “Mama, will you put both arms around me so I can hold both of your hands?” and she will snuggle in as close as she can and prepare for sleep. And I feel a rush of love, forgiveness, and grace envelope my heart. All is well.

Grace is a beautiful thing. It is the glue that pieces my life together, although cracked and frail. And it is the glue that keeps this Mama going each day. My mornings typically start out with a prayer such as “Lord, I desperately need your grace today.” It truly is amazing grace. 

The grace of God is a daily reminder that despite my imperfections and shortcomings, there is love.

And that is what I have been discovering at bedtime. There is love- love that brings comfort and security through a song, a touch, or a whispered “I love you.” And as little eyes begin to close in the stillness of the night, there is an overflowing of peace because of this beautiful grace.