We’re Adopting!

Adam and I are beyond thrilled! We have always wanted to adopt and for quite sometime we have been praying for a child. Last month, over dinner, we started talking seriously about looking into adoption. I can’t explain the peace and excitement that came over us at that moment~ we knew it was from the Lord.
The more we talk, the more we see how God has been paving this way for us…and it all started about 5 years ago when I took a last minute trip to Moldova with my church. Since that trip our lives have not been the same. We have returned once a year ever since. Each time we came home, we were more and more burdened for the kids there as well as the country as a whole.

So it was a natural choice to pursue adoption in Moldova! To bring a child home from the country where we have been serving for the last 5 years brings so much joy to us!
But this adoption goes beyond us wanting to start a family. It is also about being obedient to the commands that Jesus gives about loving the orphans and caring for them in their distress. The Bible is FILLED with commands for us to care for the fatherless and the widows. So, truthfully, this is not “Plan B” to start a family. In fact in reality, it is “Plan A”. Why? Because we truly believe that God has brought us to this point and is burdening us to step forward. We have come to learn full well that God’s plans are ALWAYS “Plan A”. Not everyone is called to adopt, we know. But Adam and I are going into this with open hands and open hearts and are so excited to see where God leads.

Poiana, Moldova.
“The Lord says, I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.
I will advise you and watch over you.” Psalms 32:8

Some information we have now:

1. We will be going through 2 agencies. Wide Horizons For Children (Waltham, MA) will be doing our home study and post-adoption follow up. Carolina Adoption Services (Greensboro, NC) will be our placement agency who will be placing us with a child. Because Moldova is a hard country to adopt from, only a handful of adoption agencies are accredited for placing children from Moldova. These 2 agencies that we chose are very reputable, not only for their ethics, but also for their humanitarian involvement in Moldova. Adam and I were drawn to that.

2. The process in total will be about a year and a half. Adam and I will be submitting our applications to both agencies this week and will then wait to begin the home study process. The home study will be about 3 months long, where we will meet with our social worker about 4 times and she will be interviewing Adam and I about EVERYTHING.

3. After the home study Adam and I will begin our dossier, which is a packet (about 45 pages long) of medical forms, immigration forms, fingerprints,etc. Once the dossier is complete and handed into the Moldovan government, we will wait for about 3-9 months for a child.

4. The youngest age of a child we will be able to adopt is 2 years old. We will not be specifying gender either. We have learned that there are more boys available than girls. We are also praying about a sibling group. We are undecided about this but are praying about this possibility. The cool thing~more than likely, the child the Lord has created just for us has just been born or is just about to be born!

Prayer requests:
1. For continued clarity and discernment as we start the process.
2. Finances. As everyone knows, this is not a cheap process. Quite frankly, Adam and I are stepping out in faith and placing all of our trust in the Lord, knowing that He will get ALL the glory in the end. When our child comes home, it will be all because of what God has done. We are researching some fundraising opportunities and would love prayer in regards to this. We continue to praise God that He led us to the “Financial Peace” class 2 years ago. We are debt free and would not be able to do this if our finances had not been in order. (another way that God has been preparing us!)
3. The Moldovan government. Currently they are in deliberations about changing their adoption laws, which could result in a longer wait time for a referral.

In closing, please know that Adam and I have covered this in prayer and each step of the way, we have already seen God leading us down this path. We continue to pray and covet your prayers as we begin this adventure. It is not going to be easy and we value your love and support.